Born and raised in England, spells in English schools, The British Army, university, and The Bar, all occupied my time during those years. Barrister and Solicitor,  and Patent and Trade Mark Agent are my qualifications, but it has been my experience, and contact with a host of clients, that has kept my interest and refined my ability. A continuing love of the English language, and English authors, poets and playwrights, which began in my school days, has grown ever since.




George Rolston & Associates
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Toronto, Ontario, M2N 5W9
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George Rolston & Associates offers products and services designed to assist inventors, entrepreneurs and small businesses in protecting intellectual property assets, particularly patentable inventions. We provide individuals and small companies who are looking to keep costs down with an alternative to high priced law firms and junior associates. George Rolston & Associates provides all the services an inventor could need to secure protection for inventions. We offer patent searches, patentability opinions, patent drawings, patent drafting, patent examination and responses, patent maintenance , trade mark clearance searches, product branding, trade mark registrations , corporate and business name protection,  logos,  label design, packaging , trade mark oppositions 

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